How to choose the best Metadata Repository Software for Record Labels
June 24, 2024 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
How to choose the best Metadata Repository Software for Record Labels

A record label’s success hinges on more than just discovering the next big artist.

Imagine your label’s hottest new track. It’s catchy, it’s electrifying, and it has all the makings of a hit. 

But if the metadata that contains all the information such as artist details, song titles, and genre is inconsistent within your platform and across platforms, your music might get lost in the digital abyss.

And that’s how metadata repository software keeps the metadata intact.

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the best metadata repository software for your record label:

  • Industry Standards:  Seamless integration of industry-standard metadata formats is important. This ensures your data is understood and processed correctly by streaming services.
  • Collaboration is Key:  Look for software that facilitates collaboration within your label. Easy user access, role-based permissions, and clear audit trails are essential for maintaining data integrity.
  • Global Reach:  Does your label distribute music internationally?  Choose software that accommodates multiple languages and territories. This helps ensure accurate metadata reaches the right audience, regardless of location.
  • Rights Management Made Easy:  Proper royalty distribution relies on accurate rightsholder information. Opt for software that simplifies rights management, including songwriter splits and publishing details.
  • Integration Powerhouse:  Does your label use other music industry software? Look for a metadata repository that integrates seamlessly with your existing tools for a streamlined workflow.

The factors you choose for your label make a big difference. 

Therefore, choose a metadata repository software that empowers your label to navigate the complexities of the digital music landscape.

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