Metadata integration and quality
May 20, 2024 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
Metadata integration and quality

Metadata integration in music means the capability of standardizing metadata formats across the music industry to ensure seamless utilization of the metadata by various other applications and platforms.

The problem with legacy systems is the tools may not be in a position to adapt to new changes happening in the evolving music industry. In the digital era, combined with huge usage of music in DSPs, there are possibilities that metadata is not given in the right format to DSPs, due to which artists can lose out on royalties.

In order to save on time, and costs, Noctil offers a no-code AI/ML tech to resolve the issues concerning metadata in the Music and Audio Visual Industry.

To feed the system and maintain accurate metadata, Noctil ensures:

1)Metadata is collected in the right format, be it in the standard or non-standard format, Noctil converts into reliable format in the system

2)Noctil performs processes to streamline the workflows, cutting down tech costs, and operation costs, and providing with high-quality metadata

3)During metadata transfer to other parties, Noctil ensures that metadata is changed to the right format that is accepted by the third party to maintain clean and accurate data which in turn leads to the calculation of accurate royalties.

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