How to calculate publishing royalties using music Royalty Management Software?
June 24, 2024 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
How to calculate publishing royalties using music Royalty Management Software?

There are two aspects to royalties. One is the song being the soundtrack to a blockbuster movie or topping every chart!  It does not just end here.

Another aspect of it is ensuring the artist gets compensated fairly, timely, and accurately.

That’s where music royalty management software comes in, to your rescue.

Here’s a breakdown of how music royalty management software helps calculate publishing royalties:

Centralized System:  The software acts as a central hub for all your royalty data. You can input details like songwriter splits, licensing agreements, and royalty rates for various income streams (streaming, mechanical licenses, etc.).

Contract Clarity:  Confusing contracts are a songwriter’s nightmare. Royalty management software allows you to store and reference contracts electronically, making it easier to understand your royalty percentages and entitlements.

Breaks down Complex Rules: Royalty calculations can involve complex formulas depending on the type of income and territory. The software takes care of the heavy lifting, applying the appropriate formulas and calculations based on your data inputs.

Transparency is Key:  Good royalty management software provides clear reports and dashboards that visualize earnings.  This allows rightsholders to see exactly how much they’re earning from different sources and identify any discrepancies.

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