How can you build high-quality metadata using a music metadata integration system?
June 24, 2024 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
How can you build high-quality metadata using a music metadata integration system?

In the age of streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music, clear and accurate metadata is the key to getting the music discovered. Have you ever come across a situation wherein you upload the latest track, but the genre is listed as “meditation music” instead of “high-energy rock?

This can happen while transferring data to your system from another source too.

To ensure, metadata is accurate, consistent, and meets industry standards, metadata integration should be done correctly.

How exactly can a metadata integration system help you build high-quality metadata?

Centralized system: Music metadata integration service acts as a central hub for all your music information. You can input details like artist bios, track titles, genres, and even ISRC codes (unique identifiers for recordings).

Data Enrichment: The software doesn’t just store your data; it can enrich it!  By integrating with databases, automatically pulling in additional information like songwriter credits or release dates.

Standardization of metadata format: The music industry has specific metadata formats. These services ensure your data adheres to these standards, making it easily understood and processed by all other platforms.

Ensures Consistency: Ever uploaded a song with slightly different spellings for the artist’s name across platforms? Integration services also have other modules to help ensure consistency, sending the same metadata to all streaming services you distribute to. 

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